Skopje’s Old Bazaar – a place to intrigue and inspire

If you want a picturesque walk through the Old Bazaar in Skopje and go centuries back, join Vesna’s post tour. Enjoy your time. ☺


The Ottomans ruled with Macedonia and the rest of the Balkan for about five centuries, from the end of XV till the beginning of XX century. Their influence during that period was strong in many aspects of the local’s life. That influence has left a mark that stays even today, especially vivid when visiting the old bazaars or charshija (the Turkish word for bazaar) in the modern Balkan cities.

The Old Bazaar in Skopje is a place with many hidden gems.  Going through it in a hurry is a big mistake. You need at least half a day for a complete experience so you can have time to walk through the small streets full of shops, relax in some of the restaurants for lunch, drinking Turkish coffee or tea, maybe some dessert or to enjoy the architecture and buying souvenirs.

Today I’ll take you on a tour of the Skopje’s Old…

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Ivy walls

Spring is the time when I am very much alive. I like it when the trees and flowers are in full bloom. Grass is getting greener. People are getting happier.
Every alley in the old town lives a story of its own. This is the Ivy walls Alley in Ohrid. In spring, it gets greener too. I love it.

My precious Ohrid

Ohrid is a city of UNESCO. The old town is placed on a hill in the centar. There are lots of paved alleys all leading to the Ohrid square. Everybody love the arhitecture of the old Ohrid houses. Sometimes I let myself get lost wandering around like I am in a labyrinth. It’s good to feel like a tourist in your own birthplace.

Трансформација, маска или природна убавина


Употребата на козметиката е позната уште од античко време. Споменато е „Боење на лицето“ во Стариот завет, Египјаните, Античките Грци и Римјаните, преферирале блед тен за која цел користеле бело олово во прав, креда, скроб, калајоксид и други состојки. Жена со потемен тен се сметала за жена на ниска класа, па почитуваните госпоѓи поминувале низ сè и сешто само да го добијат посакуваниот тен. Во Средниот век се одело дури и до тие крајности што жени умирале од употреба на арсен во производите за избелување.

Во 18-от век Луис XV направил да биде модерно за мажите да носат шминка базирана на олово. Театарските актери носеле тешка бела основа. Во доцниот 18-ти и раниот 19-ти век жените од Викторијанското доба носеле многу малку или воопшто не носеле шминка. Кралицата Викторија ја забранила шминката и сметала дека е соодветно само проститутките и слободните жени да се шминкаат. Прифатливо било само актерите, и…

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Smolari Waterfall – hiking through amazing nature

Take a break and read Vesna’s adventurious blog about the spectacular untouched nature on the lower flow of the river of Smolari. I promise you a good story. ☺


The mountains are rich with gems waiting to be discovered. If you are nature and hiking lover you shouldn’t miss Smolari Waterfall located on the lower flow of the Smolari river, on the mountain Belasica, Macedonia.

Smolari Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the country, it’s about 39,5 m high (129,6 ft) on the altitude of 630 m (2066 ft) above sea level. The waterfall is protected by The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarities and Museum in Strumica.

Before ascending to adventure, you have to drive to the village with the same name as the waterfall, Smolari, which is 25 km away from the city Strumica. There is a parking just before the beginning of the hiking trail. A restaurant awaits you there as well, which is better visited on your way back 🙂 After the restaurant, there is only 450 m (1476 ft) to reach the…

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Good morning to you too


The best way to start a day for me is having a cup od nice aromatic coffee with a good book and the smell of the spring flowers. I simply adore tulips and I just love April.

Good morning to you too beautiful people.



“One Pearl” – Please


When ordering a cocktail we are buying a promise of a liquid escape to happiness. Meaning that creating a mixture of different drinks as alcohol and juices, fruit, herbs, ice, etc. should evoke feelings, memories and at the same time create new in a special atmosphere. That’s why it’s important for that promise to be fulfilled.

For all cocktail enthusiasts and everyday people who appreciate a great drink, I’m presenting you one special cocktail, created for my city – Ohrid.


“One Pearl” is a cocktail that adds class and a sense of the exotic that you can get in this city and only in the restaurants and coffee bars that have a certificate to make it. One of those places in Ohrid is Hotel Royal View where we had a chance to enjoy this extraordinary drink. It’s a hotel that I always recommend because of the welcoming atmosphere and excellent service. It’s…

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