The most famous village in Macedonia


There are many villages in my country, some of them with dilapidated houses and only a few citizens, other rich with population and architecture, but all of them different. There is one special village in many ways, a village with a spirit and wealthy history. Located on the slopes of the mountain Jablanica the village Vevchani is waiting to be discovered.


The village architecture is something that will captivate you; houses built of stones, red bricks and wood. Everything looks warm and pleasant. And the locals are friendly and known by their hospitality.

The residents (3650) of the village planned to create their own independent state right after the Vevchani Emergency in 1987 because of the attempt of the Communist government to redirect the water springs of the village. It resulted in massive demonstrations from the people of Vevchani.

During the Vevchani Emergency for the first time in Yugoslavia, electrical hitting…

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