If you visit Srbija for your summer vacation you should read Dzoli’s tips how to survive the 40 degrees and have the best time ever.

Dzoligrafija Putomanija

What does first come to your mind after someone mentions summer in Belgrade? Do you think of hot pavement, traffic jams and buses without air-condition, or you think about enjoying in the nature and chilling by the river? I am with the second group of people. Every city has some spots that can make your visit or living so much fun and way more easier, you only need to look for places you like. People are often asking how do you survive 40 degrees Celsius in Belgrade? So these are some places that help us locals survive summer in the city and forget about traffic jams and heat.

1. Kej Oslobođenja i Zemuski kej

This quay is positioned on the New Belgrade side of Danube opposite to old town. It starts from confluence of Danube and Sava and ends in Zemun. You will hear both names Kej Oslobođenja and Zemunski…

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